T-shirt Jersey Stripe

    T-shirt Jersey Stripe
      • 100 Pieces
        Printing 2 color on one side
      • Printing 2 color on one side
      • € 7,36
      • 100 Pieces
      • Unprinted
      • € 5,93
      • Order 1 sample without printing
      • € 11,75
    The prices are without VAT
    Transport and printing plants FOR FREE.
    S - M - L - XL - XXL
    • BY032
    • 200 g/m2
    • 100% cotone
    • maniche a giro
    • polsino a costine al collo
    • strisce alla moda a spina di pesce
    • etichetta di dimensioni neutre senza marchio, stampa del collo possibile
    • su richiesta disponibili taglie 3XL-4XL-5XL

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    * The price is per euro / each. VAT EXCLUDEDrn and includes Printing 2 color on one side. Transport and printing plants FOR FREE.

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    The standard delivery times for this product are:12working days and starts from the date of acceptance of the graphic drafts.

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    • Order date Today, Thursday 08 December 2022
    • Standard delivery for free Friday 30 December 2022
    • Order date Today, Thursday 08 December 2022
    • Standard delivery for free Friday 30 December 2022
    • Order date Today, Thursday 08 December 2022
    • Standard delivery for free Friday 30 December 2022
    • Order date Today, Thursday 08 December 2022
    • Standard delivery for free Friday 30 December 2022
    • Order date Today, Thursday 08 December 2022
    • Standard delivery for free Friday 30 December 2022
    • Order date Today, Thursday 08 December 2022
    • Standard delivery for free Friday 30 December 2022
    * In order for dates to be respected, it is necessary that:
    • The order and payment will be made before 18:00 of the 09/12/2022
    • The print files are sent by 18:00 of the 10/12/2022
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    Istruzioni per il lavaggio della merce personalizzata

    Per assicurare la massima durata del tuo prodotto, ti raccomandiamo di seguire le seguenti istruzioni di lavaggio:
    Washing instructionsWashing instructionsWashing instructionsWashing instructionsWashing instructions
    • Wash with a normal cycle at a maximum temperature of 30° C.
    • Iron on reverse with moderately warm iron up to a maximum of 150 ° C.
    • Dry in the dryer with the delicate program.
    • The garment can not be treated with bleach, or it must be washed only with colored or delicate detergents.
    • Dry cleaning allowed.
    Advice I colori del design possono essere ravvivati dopo il lavaggio, stirando il capo a rovescio, ma senza vapore!

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