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    • Reviews

      You can write a review about our company at any time. If you have placed an order, you will receive after a few days from the delivery an automatic e-mail from customer ALLIANCE a certified independent website that offers the possibility to express your opinion on your experience with us.

      Alternatively, you can make independent reviews on Google+,  Facebook and Trustpilot.

      Here are links to make your review or to view those provided by our customers:


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      For our company a positive feedback is the best gratitude to the commitment we put every day to meet the demands of our customers who encourage us to do better and, in some cases, to improve something by following advice given by those who placed an order from

      Reviews help potential customers to find real and certified opinions on, guaranteeing in this way the reliability of our company.

    • Product availability

      By clicking on the "SHOW AVAILABILITY" button, you will see the quantities in stock available for size/dimensions and color.


      The quantities shown in the chart are updated every day at 24.00 with all our warehouses.

      The availability of goods is confirmed only after payment, for this reason it is essential to confirm the order and payment on the same day. Only after payment the goods will be eligible for your order.


      If payment is made the day after or after the order confirmation, the goods may no longer be available.


      In any case, you will be contacted by our sales department to find an equal item or make changes or refunds if the goods cannot be restocked.


      If you notice any inconsistencies or you want to be sure of the availability you can always contact our sales department because sometimes the availability may not be real-time for system errors or new supplies may not have been loaded yet on our website.

    • Graphic draft

      The creation of a graphic draft is a free service that our company offers to all customers who have placed an order of custom products and allows you to see a graphic simulation directly on the chosen product.


      After the order and its payment, you will be automatically assigned a graphic designer who will follow you throughout the production process.


      You will receive an e-mail with the contacts of the graphic designer that has been assigned to you and the various instructions how to send the file, if you haven’t uploaded it on your order.


      Before making the graphic draft, the graphic designer ensures that the files sent are in conformity with the print and format required.

      If a logo/design does not have a good resolution because it is provided, for example, in JPG, PNG format, it will be reconstructed for free in a vector file to ensure an optimal result in printing.


      A vector file of the design/image/logo to be printed is always necessary, unless it is a 4-color or grayscale print where a simple high-resolution JPG - PSD or TIFF image will be enough.

      If you do not have a vector file, the graphic designer that will follow your order will provide reconstruction for free, in case the design is simple to reproduce, while if the logo/design/graphics are very complex, the reconstruction service may have additional costs.


      The graphic designer will contact you in this case to communicate the amount of supplement for the reconstruction in vector file, only after your approval we will proceed with your graphics.


      After verifying or creating the file, the operator will make a graphic draft based on the items you have purchased.


      The graphic draft is produced by following the instructions provided in the "NOTES" at the step "Upload" or following the instructions sent subsequently by e-mail or by phone if you prefer.


      The graphic draft clearly represents:


      - indicative positioning on each item purchased

      - indicative proportion of the graphics on the product

      - description of print color (PANTONE SOLID COATED), print sides, print format, any notes

      - actual print format (printable in a standard A4 printer) according to the file


      Let's analyze the various technical aspects now.




      The positioning is made by the graphic designer on a vector design of the chosen item and it is useful to better understand the printing position of your graphic (e.g. on the front, on the back, etc.). It is therefore used to ensure that the position and printing sides have been selected correctly.




      If you have chosen 100 black short-sleeved T-shirts with 3-color printing on the front during the purchase process, the graphic draft must correspond with your choice.

      It may sometimes happen that the selection of the print type, the sides to be customized or the color of the article have been selected incorrectly or unintentionally, so the draft is useful to have an instant feedback of what you have purchased.


      So, if the graphic draft that you will receive, will represent a white T-shirt with 3-color printing on the front, it means that the color of the chosen T-shirt has been selected incorrectly or the graphic designer that follows your order has made the draft with the wrong color of T-shirt.

      Just compare the color of the T-shirt shown in the order confirmation for immediate feedback.

      The positioning is also useful to understand the actual clarity of the graphics on the color of the selected item.




      It may happen that you initially decided to print your logo on a red sweatshirt in GREEN color, but after receiving the graphic draft you realize that the green print is poorly readable, or you just don’t like it.

      In this case, just respond the graphic designer by asking for the adjustment of the print color. The graphic designer will then send you a new draft with the correct print color.

      Changes to the graphic drafts are always free!

      Only after your written approval the goods you ordered will be sent into production.


      Our graphic designers, who are expert in the field, know how to position your graphics on the product. As they manage thousands of items, it is almost impossible to create a graphic draft with real-scale proportions.

      The position of your graphics will therefore be indicative as graphic proportions on the object, while the dimensions indicated in the NOTES field related to the print format are real.




      Let's consider a possible order of hooded sweatshirts where graphics are positioned 7 cm from the collar.

      The graphic draft would represent the vector design of a hooded sweatshirt, a pocket and, at the same time, the graphic positioned approximately 7 cm from the collar.

      In the representation you would see that your logo (printed for example 15 cm x 20 cm) is relatively far from the central pocket of the sweatshirt, but in the printing process the real development of your graphics may not match, because the real print with the size you indicated, in the smaller sizes, may be very close to the pocket, while larger sizes would almost perfectly correspond the approved graphic draft.

      For this reason, it is essential to check the actual print size.

      You can check the dimensions by printing the page of the actual format of your design with a standard A4 or A3 printer and at this point you can place the just printed paper in any sweatshirt to see if the print size is the one you wanted.

      You can also choose the size yourself and adjust it at any time according to your preference.

      Only after your written approval the goods you ordered will be sent into production.




      Together with the graphic positioning, the colors used in printing your graphics are clearly indicated in written form.




      - Front printing colors: PANTONE 200 - PANTONE 324

      - Back printing colors: PANTONE 354 - PANTONE 125


      Make sure that the colors indicated, correspond perfectly to your choice. If you have doubts please contact the graphic designer.


      In any case, the acceptance of the graphic draft is finalized only to the comparison of logos, images and texts. As the printing process can generate color differences between the shades displayed on the monitors (RGB) and those resulting from the PANTONE printing process we use. Under no circumstances the acceptance of the graphic draft can be considered a color test. We will not accept complaints about color differences of the printed products in the absence of precise color references. For this purpose, the colors can be exactly identified with PANTONE SOLID COATED chart. (N.B. for a correct perception of the color it is necessary to use the PANTONE SOLID COATED "sample book", because the same PANTONE SOLID COATED chart displayed on the monitor would always be conditioned by the reproduction of the color in RGB). Also, it may occur that the same color chosen from the PANTONE SOLID COATED chart presents color differences based on the material on which the print is made. Also, the positioning is to be considered purely indicative.

      The graphic draft shows the various sides to customize (e.g. Front - Back – Left Sleeve - etc.)

      You must always check the perfect correspondence between draft and order.

      In the graphic draft you may also find NOTES in case there are specific details that you have indicated.




      Logo printing at 7 cm from the collar, folding and packaging, color print change, etc.




      Print formats are always shown in centimeters and correspond to the actual print size.

      If you're not very familiar with the size, we advise using a tape measure to better understand the actual print format.

      To avoid any doubt, the graphic designer will also include in the graphic draft pages of logos/designs/graphics in actual print format, so that you can print them with a standard (A3 or A4) printer and see the actual print format.

      If you have any doubt about the size, you can always contact the graphic designer that follows your order for clarification.

      We remind you that the changes to graphic drafts are always free!

      Only after your written approval by e-mail the goods you ordered will be sent into production.




      The graphic draft is sent in multipage PDF format, if you do not have the appropriate software to view it you can click the following link to Download the most suitable version of Adobe Reader. 


       To learn more, you can see the Photo gallery by clicking this link.

    • Custom quotes

      The website has been created to give prompt answers to all those who want to buy their own custom or neutral products.


      The system in fact gives you in real time without any registration the real cost of any article in our catalog in relation to thousands of variables.


      However, sometimes, the system is not able to give all the answers you are looking for, so there is an active group of sales representatives who manage various custom requests.

      For any type of quote or feasibility request, you can send your request through our form or send an e-mail.


      The commercial department's response is in 99% of the cases within 2 hours of request.

      In case you need a quicker answer, you can contact us by phone. One of our sales representatives will be happy to answer your questions.

    • Technical support

      This totally free pre-sales and after-sales service allows you to have more information on the feasibility of your order.

      You can contact us either by e-mail or by phone for any information regarding the production.

      Our technicians are prepared and ready to answer your questions or to advise you on the printing technique suitable for your file.


       The technicians are divided into two sectors:


      - Graphics department

      - Production department




      The graphics department is mainly responsible for the pre-printing process, so it is responsible for evaluating your file.

      You can refer to this department if you want a technical advice.

      As soon as the graphic designer receives your file, he will inform you about the print feasibility of your logo/design/graphics.

      In this way, before placing an order, you will be assured that the file you provide is suitable and printable.

      The graphic designer is also available to give you advice on proportions, dimensions and printing techniques best suited to your design/graphic/logo.

      In case you do not have a vector file suitable for printing you can request a quote in advance for the reconstruction even if, in most cases, it is free at the time of order confirmation.




      The production department is mainly concerned with production feasibility and advice you on the most suitable printing technique.

      If you are planning a project to print but would like a technical opinion before placing the order or before defining the print file, you can contact our technicians who will answer your questions for free and without any commitment to purchase.

      If you have any technical questions regarding our customization techniques you can always contact us for clarification or to receive samples. 

    • Telephone service order

      The platform has been designed to allow a simple, intuitive and fast navigation, but we also give you the possibility to contact us by phone to receive the assistance of one of our operators who will help you to define your order.


      This is possible on any day of the week from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:30 and from 15:00 to 20:00 (excluding Holidays).


      Our sales department is prepared to give prompt answers and to advise you on the choice of the most suitable product for your needs.


      Our operators will also assist you in the chosen payment process, either by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.


      You will always receive an e-mail with the confirmation of your order.

    • Sampling

      If you want to see the result before proceeding to a large production or maybe just want to test our service or the print quality, you can take advantage of two exclusive services:







      It refers to the production of a digitally printed sample, useful only to be able to evaluate the visual impact of your graphics on the chosen product, the print format and to evaluate the product and our service at the same time.

      In this case the printed sample may not correspond to the goods successively produced with another printing technique.

      For most of our products from our website, it is possible to order even a single piece by selecting digital printing .

      If the product you have chosen does not display this type of print (digital printing), please make a written request by e-mail to our sales department for a custom quote.

      You will then receive a personalized offer to produce your sample.




      It offers the possibility to produce not a sample but a real prototype.

      The product will be customized with the same printing technique that would be used if the quantity were higher.


      For example, on a single T-shirt it is possible to request a 4-color screen printing.


      To know more click here.

    • Prototypes

      The "prototyping" is a service that allows you to receive a customized product identical to the one that should eventually be produced in large quantities.

      This service has a high cost because it has the same preparation of an order of large quantities.


      Prototyping offers the following services:


      - Graphic processing (possible vector reconstruction always free of charge)

      - Production of printing films

      - Production of printing plants

      - Printing of no. 1 prototype for production

      - Conservation of printing plants for 7 working days from the order of the prototype


      The order will be handled as if it were the definitive one. It will then proceed with the transmission of the relative graphic draft.


      The product will be printed individually with the same printing technique that will be used in the final production process.




      The cost does not include the item to be customized. 


      1-color screen printing print on one side: € 80, 00 + VAT


      2-color screen printing print on one side: € 100.00 + VAT


      3-color screen printing print on one side: € 140,00 + VAT


      4-color screen printing print on one side: € 200.00 + VAT


      5-color screen printing print on one side: € 240,00 + VAT


      6-color screen printing print on one side: € 300, 00 + VAT


      7-color screen printing print on one side: € 400.00 + VAT


      4-color process screen printing on one side: € 250, 00 + VAT


      Prints with special effects are subject to quotation.


      If you want to customize also on another side of your product the prices applied will be the same as those listed above.




      Production times are usually 10 days from graphic draft approval.

      For large orders our company offers a 50% refund on the cost of the prototype if you place the order, for a value between € 2,000.00 and € 5,000.00 VAT excluded, no later than 7 working days from its production.


      If the order has a value of more than € 5,000.00 VAT excluded and the order is placed within 7 working days from the production of the prototype, it will be fully refunded.

      If you want to proceed with the production of one or more prototypes, we suggest contacting us by phone so that we can place your order in our systems according to your needs.

      Generally, if you want to opt for this type of service, you must initially purchase the item or items you want to create as prototypes, select the customization you want, proceed with the order and then contact us by communicating your order number so that we could apply the cost of prototypes directly in your order and it will be customized as prototype.

      Alternatively, contact us to get a quote from our sales department. 

    • Fabric guide

      We have a dedicated service that helps you choose the right fabric according to your needs.


      We know various types and finishes of fabric, so we like to share them with our customers who sometimes, not being able to touch them, need a precise indication or advice.


      If you have any questions regarding the type of fabric, material or color shade, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will put you in touch with the appropriate staff.


      We have fabric color charts for most manufacturers. If color charts are not available, we can send you a sample to evaluate the product.


      We are also available to find the item that best suits your needs (e.g. for manifestations and events, fashion, work or sport).


      Please note that you can also order a single not customized sample for most of our products. We will ship it in a short time so that you can see it and make your choice.

    • Large Orders

      We are a low-cost company that aims at quality but certainly our goal has always been to have the lowest price in Europe, especially for large orders.


      We have a very important purchasing strength which is being able to purchase the raw material at conditions that cannot be reached by small production companies.


      If you have an important order, we will provide it to you with a dedicated account manager who will advise and follow you according to your needs during the negotiation and then during production.


      Send your request by e-mail or by phone and you will be contacted within 2 hours for a first project idea.


      After the first contact, if you wish, we will schedule a possible meeting in your city.

      We move easily throughout Europe.  We prefer meetings in big cities, but we are also willing to move to more decentralized locations without any additional cost to the customer.

      We have an internal organization that guarantees any kind of marketing activity with a productive force able to satisfy the most unthinkable demands.


      Large orders are handled in a dedicated way and include:


      -  immediate telephone contact by an account manager with an initial evaluation of the project

      - immediate transmission of informative material, samples with and without printing, color charts, etc.

      - second telephone contact for the analysis of materials and samples

      - transmission of quote or various solutions

      - possible meeting to plan production methods, strategies, production times and payment methods

      - executive order

      - dedicated order assistance

      - guarantee of mandatory deliveries 


      A large order is handled with absolute priority on all orders and guarantees mandatory deliveries without surcharges based on the feasibility of production.


      Our platform is able to give real time quotations even for large orders, but based on the availability of stock and the entity of the work, it is possible that you are offered even more advantageous conditions.


      Therefore, if your order is large, we recommend contacting us anyway to be able to offer you, if the conditions exist, the most advantageous conditions.


      We are manufacturers of clothing and custom merchandise and we work with more than 90 international brands. The entire production process is performed internally in our company to ensure the elimination of surcharges caused by passages of third parties or agents and retailers.


      Buy safely at the lowest price in Europe.

    • Special Productions

      For several years has focused its attention to an advanced program for the production of special projects.

      Our know-how allows us to develop a textile project, following it in all its phases: from the graphic layout, studied together with the customer, to the realization of the prototype up to the production and the delivery.


      There are many customization solutions available to create an exclusive product:


      - direct-to-frame printing with glossy, opaque, water-based, ecological, corrosion, metallic, fluorescent, puffy, 3D, glossy pads, high-dense, silicone, luminescent, reflective, fragrant, glittered, pearled and flocked inks

      - hot pressed for lamination, rhinestones, flocks, digital transfers and screen printing

      - special applications such as embroidery and laser cutting

      - direct digital printing with very high-resolution water inks

      - service of packaging, labelling, ironing, packaging

      We have a catalog with over 10,000 products from the best companies in the world in the clothing and merchandise sector for both the promotional and fashion sectors, but we can also assist you if you need to create an ad hoc product starting from the raw material.


       Our special clothing productions offer the following services:


      - technical assistance in the development process

      - graphic processing

      - production of printing plants

      - packaging and labelling

      - production


      For information on special productions, please contact us by e-mail or by phone.

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