• Payment methods available

      The payment methods available for purchase on our site are different and depending on the choice, they may involve additional commission costs.

      To avoid any type of commission and supplement, we advise you to opt for 100% advance payment by bank transfer. 
      Our company does not accept cash on delivery for the entire supply.

      The available payment methods are:

      - 30% in advance and 70% in cash on delivery 
      - 100% in advance


      Payment methods:

      - Credit card

      We accept online payment with Carta Si, Visa and Mastercard.

      Your credit card will be debited automatically through our financial provider PAYPLUG which manages the PCI DSS certified transaction.

      Following the verification of your data, the transaction is authorized or not. Payment by credit card involves the application of commissions calculated as a percentage of the displayed amount "to the cart" (the total of the transaction will include the commission). There are no credit card fees for purchases made by consumer customers ( art. 6 private cond. ), While it is 3% for purchases made by professional customers (art. 8 cond. Companies).

      You can avoid this supplement by paying by bank transfer (orders paid by bank transfer are processed upon receipt of the CRO or credit to the bank at the discretion of the administration).

      Benefits of payment by credit card:
      The order placed with a credit card is immediately processed, recorded and assigned to the chart that will follow your order.



      - Paypal

      With the most secure payment service in the world you can make purchases on our site by paying quickly and easily. If you are not a paypal user you can register for free by clicking here. 
      Only at first use will PAYPAL ask you to enter your credit card details and then you can make payments with a few clicks in a 100% secure manner. 
      Credit card data will never be forwarded to us and will remain confidential. 
      By opting for this type of payment, your order will be processed together with the payment.

      If you want further information on this payment method and on the functioning of paypal, visit the website

      For this type of payment the commissions are 3% of the value of the transaction for Professional customers, while there are no commissions for Consumers customers. 
      You can avoid this supplement by paying by bank transfer (orders paid by bank transfer are processed upon receipt of the CRO or credit to the bank)

      Benefits of payment with Paypal:

      The order placed with Paypal is immediately processed, registered and assigned to the chart that will follow your order. 
      Paypal is the safest and most used payment tool in the world.



      - Bank transfer

      We also accept payment by bank transfer. 
      This type of payment eliminates commission costs. 
      Unlike payments made with paypal and by credit card, payment by bank transfer does not allow the automatic registration of your order but a verification by our administration is required.


      The verification will take place within 24 hours of receipt of the payment receipt or CRO number that you will need to provide via FAX or e-mail.

      Choosing as a payment method, the bank transfer will send you an e-mail with the exact amount to be paid and the IBAN - BIC - SWIFT data useful for payment. 
      In the same e-mail you will also be given the methods of sending the bank transfer receipt or the CRO number. 
      You can also view our bank details by clicking here

      This method of payment has no additional costs and does not include commissions.

      Benefits of payment by bank transfer:

      The order made entirely by bank transfer has no additional commission. Unlike many e-commerce companies, the order is registered after the communication of the CRO number or the payment receipt of your bank. So we do not wait for material to be credited to our current account, but we rely on your good faith by processing the order together with the proof of payment.


      Useful instructions

      By opting for 30% payment in advance and 70% cash on delivery, the latter must be paid directly to the courier in cash for a maximum amount of € 2,999.00.

      For larger amounts, the cash must be paid only by check or by bank transfer NOT TRANSFERABLE payable to: srl

      Delays Payment

      We do not accept credit terms. We reserve the right to evaluate this possibility only for
      certain customers or for large orders.

    • Large Order Payment

      Our platform allows the purchase of personalized and non-personalized merchandise, with no limit on the amount and quantity, guaranteeing clear information and immediate low cost prices.

      For this the payment methods available are exclusively:

      - 100% up-front or 30% in advance and 70% upon delivery of the goods.


      Depending on the order or customer, we reserve the right to evaluate alternative payment terms.


      The possible alternative payment options are:

      30% upfront and 70% before the departure of the goods by bank transfer (in this case no additional costs will be charged)


      For orders over € 10,000.00 plus VAT we can grant the payment at 30.60 or 90 days only after the signing of a bank guarantee with right of enforcement.

      We advise you to speak with your bank to understand the costs and methods of releasing it.

      For more information about this please contact our sales department.

    • Orders without VAT


      For orders placed by private individuals and Italian companies, VAT is always issued at 22% unless your company has an exemption.

      In this case you must send us the corresponding declaration of intent with payment.




      For all orders placed by individuals and Swiss companies, VAT will not be applied, unless shipping to Italy is required.



      ORDERS FROM EUROPEAN UNION (excluding Italy)

      For all orders coming from companies with registered offices in the European Union, except for Italy, VAT will not be calculated unless shipping to the Italian territory is requested.



      All prices displayed on our site are VAT excluded (22%).

    • Bank details for payments

      Upon completion of the online order, you will receive an automatic e-mail that will inform you of the exact amount and the bank details on which to make the payment:

      IBAN:  I T45G0306904620100000004629 
      Beneficiary: srl 
      Credit institution:  Banca Intesa San Paolo spa 
      Swift / Bic:  BCITITMM  (only necessary for purchases outside Italy)

      In the purpose of the bank transfer, enter your order number (eg Purchase No. 68234)

      To speed up the registration of the order we recommend you to send proof of payment via email at  or call us at 0916709726. You can also use the live chat service to send the copy so that our operator will turn over the copy of the payment immediately to the administration for the registration of your order.

      You can also simply let us know by phone the CRO number issued by your credit institution.

    • Paying orders for public bodies

      Public bodies and institutions can place orders only with the authorization of our sales department with which payment times and methods will be agreed.

      After the agreement with the sales department an official confirmation via FAX or e-mail is required.

      We do not accept payments over 90 days from the order date.

      Dedicated current account to receive payments from public bodies or Italian institutions:
      Banca Carige ag. 
      Via Ugo La Malfa 
      IBAN: IT29V0343104675000013857780

      We also remind you that based on current legislation, our DURC will be sent to you automatically when the invoice is issued.




      Our company can issue an electronic invoice. If you are interested in making a purchase as a public body and you need to receive an electronic invoice, we suggest you contact us to define the payment methods.



      Our company is present on the MEPA to be able to make purchase requests, we remind you that we are present in the category:

      - PROMAS

      - EVENTS 2010

    • Pay now tool

      The pay tool is now an innovative system on our site that allows you to pay your order at any time after the online order.

      When you have to use the PAY NOW tool
      If at the completion of the order your payment is not successful for any reason (connection problem, authorization denied by PayPal or credit card company, etc.) you can always conclude the transaction by clicking on the PAY NOW link that you will find at the bottom of each page of our site.

      The order will be registered only at the time of the actual payment and not from the order date.

      This is essential to specify this as the estimated delivery date on our site is subject to the date of payment.

      By clicking on the PAY NOW link you must only enter your order number, your e-mail address and proceed to pay by credit card or Pay Pal.

      Our system automatically detects the amount based on the order previously entered.

      If the transaction is successful, the order will be immediately re-transmitted and recorded by the sales department, which will assign you a chart in the case of personalized goods or will directly pass the order to the purchasing office if your goods are not printed (neutral goods). ).

      To speed up the order registration process, we recommend that you make a phone call to verify the success of the transaction.



      We remind you that if at the time of the order you have entered the bank transfer as a payment method, if later with the PAY NOW tool you will make the payment by credit card, you will be charged and then calculated the commissions of 3% on the transaction.

    • Electronic invoice

      Our company is authorized to be able to perform electronic invoicing for purchases by public bodies. If you want to proceed with the purchase with electronic invoicing, after sending your order you will have to contact us by communicating:

      - Office code 
      - VAT receivable

      - Cip - Cup (optional)


      In this way our administration will issue the electronic invoice after the order is processed.


      We remind you that we are also present on the MEPA in the EVENTS 2010 and PROMAS114 category.

      If you need to make the purchase on another category, contact us to check the feasibility.


    • Company



      Via Galileo Galilei, 4

      90044 - Carini (Pa)


      VAT number: IT05475500822

      Tax code: IT 05475500822


      Tel.   +39 0916709726



      REA: n. PA-257536



      Code valid for electronic invoicing from 1 January 2019


    • Unique code (SDI) of

      From 1 January 2019, electronic invoicing is in force, as required by the 2018 Budget Law.

      Starting from this date, all invoices can be issued only in electronic form (XML).

      In compliance with this provision, below is our unique code.


      -  UNIQUE CODE (SDI):  7HE8RN5

      - PEC: 


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