• Costs and procedures to change an order

      The costs and procedures to change or cancel an order placed on our website may vary depending on the type of purchase and the type of client. In relation to the type of purchase, it is necessary to distinguish between an order of neutral (i.e. without customization) and custom merchandise. While in relation to the type of client, we must distinguish between consumers and professional customers.

      Costs and procedures to change an order of neutral products (no customization)

      If you are a consumer customer and after placing your order online, you have changed your mind or want to replace, add or delete some items, you can ask our sales department to change the order. If the order has not been dispatched yet, you will not have to pay any additional costs; if the order has already been dispatched, you can exercise the right of withdrawal (download withdrawal form) and pay only the shipping costs, so you can place a new order.

      If, on the other hand, you are a professional customer you can only integrate an order, in this case, aside from the amount and the quantity, it may also vary the estimated delivery date of the order. The professional customer is not allowed to replace or delete items after the order confirmation, in this case, our sales department is always available to seek and propose solutions to maximize customer satisfaction. It may be necessary to apply a supplement, quantifiable on a case by case basis, which will be communicated by e-mail and accepted by the customer by e-mail.

      Costs and procedures to change an order of custom merchandise

      Both consumer and professional customers can only integrate a previous order by adding same or other items before the order is sent to the production department and by accepting again, the same graphic draft previously approved. This change does not incur any additional costs for the customer, but only determines the total purchase amount and may delay the delivery date indicated in the order confirmation. You can change the graphics without paying any additional costs before the graphic draft confirmation. The integration of items is not allowed for orders with Express delivery service or with scheduled delivery, unless agreed in writing (e-mail) by both parties. It is not allowed to replace or delete items on custom merchandise order. In any case, it will be possible to change an order by replacing or deleting items only before graphic draft confirmation and it may be necessary to apply a supplement, quantifiable on a case by case basis, which will be communicated by e-mail and accepted by the customer by e-mail. Requests made by telephone will not be taken into consideration. 

    • Costs and procedures to cancel an order

      Costs and procedures to cancel an order of neutral products (no customization)

      If you are a consumer customer, you can cancel an order without paying any expenses, before the order has been dispatched. The order cancellation request must be made by e-mail; cancellation requests made by telephone will not be accepted. If the order has already been dispatched, you can no longer cancel the order but you can exercise the right of withdrawal (download withdrawal form) and pay only the return shipping costs.

      If you are a professional customer, you will not be able to cancel an order, however, we advise you to contact our sales department promptly, as it is often possible to find an alternative and satisfactory solution for the customer. It may be necessary to apply a supplement, quantifiable on a case by case basis, which will be communicated by e-mail and accepted by the customer by e-mail. Requests made by telephone will not be taken into consideration. 

      Costs and procedures to cancel an order of custom merchandise

      As this is custom merchandise (Article 5, paragraph 3 of Legislative Decree No. 185/99), both consumer and professional customers are not allowed to cancel an order after the graphic draft confirmation. If this circumstance occurs, the entire amount of the order will still be charged.

      Only if the customization of the merchandise has not started yet, it will be possible to cancel the order, however, set-up and graphics processing costs will be charged.

      In this case, you can cancel the order by contacting the customer service promptly and by paying set-up costs which will be calculated according to the printing type, colors and positions.

      Before proceeding to the definitive cancellation of the order, the customer will be informed of the total amount that will be charged. The customer, therefore, can opt for the cancellation of the order by paying set-up costs or will be able to confirm the order.

      In the absence of customer’s choice within two days after the communication is sent, we will proceed to cancel the order permanently and set-ups costs will be charged.

    • Creating Print Groups

      Creating Print Groups is an exclusive feature of our website that allows you to optimize the production costs by accumulating multiple items that have the same print subject.

      Our website calculates the price based on different factors that significantly affect the final cost of each product.

      The most important factors that affect the price are:
      - Quantity
      - Type of customization

      By adding multiple items to a single Print Group, you’ll get the price range of the total quantity you have reached.
      Purchase hypothesis (100 T-shirts + 20 short-sleeved polo shirts + 80 sweatshirts)

      In this case, the system will calculate the unit cost on 200 pieces for all three items (T-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts).

      Therefore, the price of each product will be lower than what you would get by making three separate orders.


      If you want to take advantage of the lowest unit price, it is important that the print subject is the same on all 200 pieces. It is, therefore, not possible to print more print subjects and the customization must be declined on all items. (e.g. If the graphic to be printed on the front of a T-shirt is large A4 or A3 format, it will not be suitable to apply the same graphic on the front of a zip sweatshirt because you cannot print on the zipper; but if the graphic will be printed on one side or at least on the heart side, in this case, it will be possible to apply the same Print Group).

      If you need to print multiple print subjects, you will have to create different Print Groups.


      Print groups cannot be created with gadgets but only for:

      Men’s Clothing

      Women’s Clothing

      Children's Clothing





      Sometimes it is also possible that some products, despite being on the same group (e.g. men's clothing, women's clothing, children's clothing, workwear or sportswear) are in some way incompatible for the customization technique and the product type you have chosen.


      How to proceed:

      Click on “GET A QUOTE” button, right next to the product you have chosen and follow the various steps. At the end of the procedures, instead of going to the CART you have to click “CONTINUE PURCHASES”. 
      Now select another item that you want to customize with the same graphic previously chosen. Click on “GET A QUOTE” button again and before you get to step “Printing options” you will see a new window asking you if you want to make a new customization or you want to apply the one you have created earlier. To be able to apply the same graphics and take advantage of cumulative price you must click “APPLY PRINT GROUP”. At this point, the two selected items will have the same type of customization and the price of each product in the CART is adjusted to the total quantity generated by the two items. To take advantage of the lowest price you can pair countless products with the same customization, as long as the items are compatible with each other.

       (Example: If the graphics to be printed on the front of a T-shirt is large A4 or A3, it is not suitable if you want to apply the same graphics on the front of a zip sweatshirt because you cannot be print on the zipper).

    • Changing Print Groups name

      In the CART of our website you can change the name of the Print Group by clicking directly on "PRINT GROUP 1/2 etc.".

      This feature will help you to recognize and associate more easily your graphics with the products ordered.

      Example: "Animation Day Uniform or Hostess Uniform, etc."

    • Low-cost prices on cumulative orders

      Our platform has been designed to give you in real time the cost of individual items during all steps of the order. You will be able to check how the price of your item varies by choosing from the various customization options and then you will be able check whether the total expense is within your budget.

      In the clothing categories, the system is able to calculate the price according to the total quantity obtained by accumulating different items with the same graphics, which means creating Print Groups with the same print subject.

      This guarantees you the most convenient price range and will always allow you to take advantage of low-cost prices on cumulative orders.


      Useful indications to cut down the purchase price

      To take advantage of the lowest price, combine all items with the same graphics (e.g. 100 T-shirts + 20 short-sleeved Polo shirts + 80 sweatshirts) on the same Print Group.

      With this feature you’ll see how the unit price of each item (e.g. the 20 polo shirts) will not be related to the quantity of that particular model (in our example 20 pieces), but the price range will be related to the total quantity (in our example 200 pieces).

      Therefore, the higher is the total quantity of merchandise with the same graphic subject, the lower will be the price of each item.

       Thanks to this option, you can get more items using the same printing system and will always have a price proportionate to the total quantity.

      Our website was created to generate the cost in real time for orders up to 100,000 pieces, however, in case the amount of your order is higher even at only 1,000 pieces we suggest that you contact our sales department to check the possibility of taking advantage of even more advantageous discounts and commercial conditions.

    • returns policies

      If the items that we shipped were found to be faulty (for example, if there has been an error of printing or positioning or the item you have chosen is different from the one ordered) return will be at our expense and  we will refund the corresponding amount or, if you wish, we will replace or reprint it (Legal Guarantee of Conformity).

       "Professional" purchases do not fall under the same regulations for consumer goods, even if the products are the same. In fact, the law is meant to protect the final consumers. According to Civil Code, professional consumers have one year guarantee and have to provide a mandatory faulty complaint within 8 days from receipt of the item (Commercial Guarantee).

       In case no error has been committed, we also guarantee, within 14 days of receipt of the goods, that you can:

      - Change the product if you do not like it,
      - Receive in return a voucher that you can use for your next order,
      - Receive a refund equal to the amount spent.

      The above options are applicable only for non-customized merchandise and for consumers. 

      Returns costs will be at consumer’s expense.

      To learn more please click here.

      Each order of custom merchandise is specially processed and produced in an exclusive way just for you. In this, we distinguish ourselves from any other e-commerce website, as the custom merchandise cannot be returned to our supplier or destined for a new sale. For this reason, it is not possible to make returns of custom merchandise, according to the Art. 5 (3) Legislative Decree No. 185/99. 

      Some useful tips that can increase your satisfaction.

      1. Do not place large orders without trying a single piece or few pieces first.
      If you are notcompletely sure about the size, color, model of the T-shirt, polo shirt, sweatshirt, etc. or the customization technique, place a test order or, alternatively, order one or more samples. With a small investment, you will be sure to have the product you desire, or you can adjust your final order.

      2. Check the order confirmation immediately that will automatically arrive by e-mail when you place an order.
      If you realizeyou have entered the wrong amount, selected a different color or simply just want to make changes, please contact our customer service immediately. (Late communications may incur return or practical management costs).
      To change an order or replace items, please check change or cancel order costs and procedures by clicking here.

      3. Order the goods as early as possible, especially if you need the supply for a specific date (e.g. event, fair, etc.).

      Our company is one of the few companies in Europe that produces custom merchandise in a few days, but sometimes this is not enough to meet customer’s needs.

      Unexpected events may occur such as unavailability of one or more items or unsuitable files, which may delay the shipment and therefore cause a failure delivery on time.

      If you have to respect strict dates, we advise you to opt for Express delivery serviceswhich can be selected in the shopping CART when ordering.

       These services require additional costs based on quantity and urgency.

      In case the merchandise do not arrive in time, it will not be possible to withdraw or dispute the goods; while in the case of Express services, we guarantee 99% of the mandatory delivery throughout Europe.

       In detail section of each product are indicated the days available for Express delivery based on the article chosen.

      4. Check the availability of the goods before placing the order.
      Our website updates the availability of items every day at 24:00. Since this in an online sale, it is possible that availability may run out even shortly before your order and/or payment. 

      In case that after placing an order, items are not available, or one or more sizes are missing, you will be contacted by our sales department to modify the order according to your needs.

      We confirm that sometimes depending on the purchase time, the amount of the order and the availability, we may replace some sizes to speed up the production process.

      However, we will send you an e-mail with the relative replacements.

      The replacement of sizes is carried out only and exclusively on few pieces (e.g. 1/2 missing sizes).

      If the sizes you have selected must correspond to 100%, please inform the graphic designer that will handle your order while placing it or after receiving the order confirmation.


      (*Saturday, Sunday and holidays excluded)

    • Order of neutral products

      In our website you can also buy neutral products without customization.

      To be able to calculate the price of neutral products, you must select this option by checking the box in step “Printing options” after “Quantity” and “Sizes and Colors”.

       By selecting neutral products, all customization techniques present in step “Printing options” will be disabled automatically.

      For purchase of neutral products, you can also create Print Groups to optimize the purchase price.

    • MEPA

      Our company is present in the Italian Public Administration e-Marketplace (MePa), therefore you can make requests for offer (RFO) or purchase orders (PO).


       We are present in the categories:






      If you need to request a quote on another MePa category, we suggest that you contact our administration office to check the feasibility of insertion.


       On MePa you can also place an order by checking directly our electronic catalog.

      If you have any doubts or want any information, please do not hesitate to contact our administration office at 0916709726.

    • Price quotation

      Instructions on how to place an order or get a quote


      You can independently get a quote on our website.

      On the right side of each product, there is a red "GET A QUOTE" button. Click on it and follow the simple and intuitive steps to get the price in real time.


       The system will ask you in sequence:




      PRINTING OPTIONS (e.g. chest print, shoulders print, right sleeve print, etc.)




      Eventually you will be redirected to the CART to proceed with the order or simply to view your quote that you can send by e-mail.

      We remind you that the price varies according to the quantity and the type of customization. The higher the total amount, the lower the price.

      All prices listed on our website are VAT excluded.

      For custom merchandise, shipping fee is always free and set up costs are complimentary.

      After order confirmation you will be assigned a graphic designer that will follow your order and will make a graphic draft to better understand the positioning, print size, print colors, etc. The goods will be sent into production only after your graphic draft approval.


      Graphic draft
      The draft is generally sent within 48 hours after your payment.


      Delivery date

      The delivery date is indicated on the right side of CART and on the Follow your order.

    • Definitions

      Consumer: An individual who acts for purposes unrelated to business, commercial, craft or professional activity.

      Professional: An individual or legal entity who acts for business, commercial, craft or professional activity or an intermediary.

      Withdrawal: The consumer has a period of fourteen days to withdraw from a distance contract or negotiated outside the commercial premises without having to provide any motivation and without having to incur costs other than those provided for article 56, paragraph 2, and article 57 of consumer code. Before the expiry of the withdrawal period, the consumer shall inform the trader of his decision to exercise the right of withdrawal from the contract. The consumer may:
      A) Use the withdrawal form, annex I, part B;
      B) Submit any other statement of your decision to withdraw from the contract.

    • Withdrawal form

      Withdrawal form - pursuant to Article 49, paragraph 1, letter H, Legislative Decree No. 206/05.


      Click on the PDF icon to download the form.


       The form shall be completed and sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or by e-mail

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