Technical information

    • Specific customization techniques



      Based on the article, on the quantity and on the selected object, printing from 1 to 7 colors and the 4-color process can be done using the following techniques: screen printing - pad printing - screen printing transfer - direct digital - digital pad printing - digital transfer - UV printing.

      To achieve the best result based on the chosen product, the choice of the customization technique is made by the production staff, except for the screen printing, which is in any case made from at least 10 pieces.




      If you have any preference, please let us know in advance while placing your order or upon confirmation of the graphic draft. Our sales and technical department will analyze your request and evaluate the production feasibility and any additional costs.

      Please note that you will have the opportunity to create a prototype with an additional cost.


      To find out more click here.

    • Print formats

      The print format varies according to the selected product and the maximum printable area is indicated. In some cases it is possible, after technical verification, to increase the printing area.


      In the product gallery, next to each article there is the GET A QUOTE button, by clicking on it you have the possibility to make a quote or an order in real time by following the various steps related to the choice of quantity, sizes and colors and printing options.


      The system automatically recognizes the item and according to the selected customization technique, it enables or disables the various print formats available for that product.

      The print format selected by default are the smallest available format, the one included in the price.


      You can then choose a larger format among those available but remember that this choice will incur a small surcharge based on the quantity and type of item selected.

      The cost update is in real time and can be seen in the cost summary on the right side of each step or directly in the shopping CART.

      If your graphics are smaller than the selected format, there won’t be any price variation.




      If you have chosen to print a short-sleeved T-shirt with 5 colors on the front and you have chosen by default the print size A4 (i.e. 21cm x 29.7cm) the print does not necessarily have to be of this size, but it must be in A4 format (i.e. 21cm x 29.7cm).

      In fact, the graphic/design/logo, can be positioned and proportioned as you like on the article chosen taking into consideration the maximum printing area, which in this case is A4.

      The price will not vary in case your graphic layout is smaller (e.g. print 10 cm x 10 cm heart side or a 5 cm x 27 cm writing, etc.)


      In all clothing products the printing formats available are:


      - Up to A4 format (21 cm x 29,7 cm)

      - Up to A3 format (29,7 cm x 42 cm)

      - Up to A3 format + (33 cm x 45,7 cm)

      In some cases and based on the customization technique you can find also the formats:


      -  Up to A7 format (7,4 cm x 10,5 cm)

      -  Up to A6 format (10,5 cm x 14, 8 cm)

      -  Up to A5 format (14,8 cm x 21 cm)

      -  Up to size 12 cm x 12 cm

      -  Up to size 7 cm x 35 cm

      -   Custom format




      This option will be displayed for all products where the print format is not well defined, and, in these cases, you can choose the size together with the graphic designer, according to the article chosen.


      A classic example is printing on trousers, shorts, hats and in all gadgets.

      On these items, in fact, the printing areas and the positions can be different and change according to the manufacture (pockets, seams, folds, pattern cut, etc.) or type of object on all the gadgets.


      When the custom print format is selected, you will be able to print in the maximum format allowed without involving an additional charge.




      You can print your logo/design/graphics on a trouser in 2 x 2 cm or 20 x 50 cm format with no cost difference. This rule is only applicable for screen printing, flex, flock and digital printing.


      For embroidery, even if "custom format" is selected, the maximum default size of the "custom format" is up to 12x12cm. If you want a larger embroidery you should contact our sales department for a custom quote based on the article, the file and the quantity of goods you want to produce.




      The system calculates the quote on an embroidery of the standard dimensions of an A7 format (7,5 cm x 10 cm).

      You can still choose other formats in the step “Printing options”.


      The available formats are:


      - A7 (7, 5 cm x 10 cm)

      - A6 (10 cm x 15 cm)

      - A5 (15 cm x 20 cm)

      - A4 (21 cm x 29,7 cm)


      Depending on the size of the embroidery, our system will automatically calculate the cost.




      The system calculates the quote on a standard A7 format (7, 5 cm x 10 cm) embroidery and the quantity of colors to be reproduced does not affect the price calculation (max. 12 colors).

      In gadget embroidery, our system does not offer the possibility to calculate the supplement for a higher format.


      Depending on the media, the file and the type of gadget to customize you can request a quote directly to our sales department that will be happy to inform you about feasibility and costs.


      Please note that you can make a maximum embroidery up to 35 cm x 38 cm.

      If you have special needs, you can contact our technical department.

    • Format of accepted files

      Files related to graphics should be provided in one of the following vector formats: AI, EPS, CDR or PDF.


      A vector file of the design/image/logo to be printed is always necessary, unless it is a 4-color or grayscale print where a simple high-resolution JPG - PSD or TIFF image will be enough.


      If your design/logo/graphics does not have a good resolution because it is provided in JPG or in PNG or if you do not have the possibility to provide a vector file, the graphic designer that follows your order will provide for a free reconstruction.

      In case the logo/design/graphics are very complex the reconstruction service may have additional costs.


      The graphic designer will contact you in this case to communicate the amount of the supplement for the reconstruction in vector file, only after your approval we will proceed with your graphics.


      The vector file is essential for screen printing and serves most importantly to guarantee an excellent result in the printing process.




      Print files can be uploaded as you order in step "Upload" or you can send an e-mail after purchase by following the instructions in the order summary you will receive.

      Alternatively, you can also upload files from the upload link at the bottom of each page of the website.

      By following the guided procedure and keeping your order number and email handy, you can upload at any time after your order.


      The link is UPLOAD and is present at the bottom of our home page.


      You can also upload more than one file and in different formats (e.g. JPG - PDF - EPS - PSD) so that the graphic designer that will follow your order, can evaluate the best one. The important thing is that they are all contained in a single compressed folder (ZIP - RAR).

      Please note that after the order, you will be assigned a graphic designer that will follow you throughout the production process and will create a free graphic draft before printing.

      Only after your approval by e-mail the goods will be sent to production.


      If you want to know more about the graphic draft production you can click here

    • Vector files

      In vector graphics, an image is described through a set of dots, lines, curves, and polygons which colors and even shades can be attributed.


      It is radically different from raster graphics because in raster graphics the images are described as a grid of appropriately colored pixels.


      The main advantages of vector graphics compared to raster graphics are as follows:


      - possibility to express data in a format that occupies less space than the equivalent raster

      - possibility to enlarge the image arbitrarily, without a loss of resolution of the image itself


      In screen printing a vector file is necessary to allow an exact separation of colors for the production of films that will be used after the processing of the screen printing frames. 


      Small writings, traits, fills, etc. are much sharper and without aliasing effect.

    • Print file verification

      The verification of print file is professional and is totally free for any order.

      Our graphics department will analyze the files you have provided and verify the quality of the file after order confirmation.


      If the file is not good enough for printing, you will be notified immediately.


      If your design/logo/graphics does not have a good resolution because it is provided in JPG or in PNG or if you do not have the possibility to provide a vector file, the graphic designer that follows your order will provide for a free reconstruction.


      If the file has been provided in low resolution, the graphic designer that follows your order will provide for a free vector reconstruction.


      If the logo/design/graphics are very complex the reconstruction service may have additional costs.


      The graphic designer will contact you in this case to communicate the amount of the supplement for the reconstruction in vector file, only after your approval we will proceed with your graphics.


      The vector file is essential for screen printing and serves most importantly to guarantee an excellent result in the printing process.

      After checking the file, the graphic designer assigned to you will create and send you by email a graphic draft of the products you have purchased.

      Learn more about free graphic draft production click here

    • Print Area

      The maximum print area is the maximum total surface area that the substrate has available for printing.

       Not to be confused with the concept of print format, this instead refers to the print size of the graphic/design/logo.

      The size of this area is not defined because it varies according to the type of product chosen.


      To be able to verify the print area correctly, four factors must always be taken into consideration:


      - presence of seams, pockets or finishes that create thickness

      - material composition (e.g. cotton, polyester, nylon, etc.)

      - evaluation of the logo/design to be reproduced

      - type of product


      Based on the analysis of these elements we evaluate the positioning of your graphics and the maximum size that this can occupy within the space available.

      We remind you that after the confirmation of your order, you will be assigned a graphic designer that will follow your order and will make a graphic draft according to your indications.


      Therefore, these measurements will be considered by the graphics department to find the best solution according to your needs.


      Learn more about free graphic draft production click here.

    • Product detail section

      In the product gallery, above the color chart, there is SEE DETAILS link that will allow you to view the product details of the corresponding item.


      The product details are very useful to view the product in more detailed way and to know the various technical aspects. You also have a photo gallery and all the tools for social and non-social sharing.


      There is also a price scale to view the price of goods without printing and customized ones according to the quantity.


      You have the possibility to compare the standard delivery times according to the destination or the Express services available.


      You can see an example of the product detail section of a short-sleeved T-shirt Fruit Of The Loom by clicking here.

    • Print color change

      If, according to the color of the chosen article, your logo/design/graphics must change color completely or partially, to be more visible or more pleasant, it is necessary to adopt one or more "color changes".




      Let's assume you have to print the logo with red brackets and white writing on both black and white sweatshirts, it will be necessary to use at least one-color change.


      In this case, on black sweatshirts the logo will be perfectly visible, while on white sweatshirts we will have to opt for a color change. We could print the words in black instead of white to make the logo visible.

      If our choice was also to buy some red sweatshirts, in this case the color changes would be 2, because also the square brackets of the logo would not be visible and therefore we will need to print them with another color of your choice.

      Please note that every color change will incur a small supplement that is calculated in real time on individual product according to the item and the quantity selected.


      You can select the color change at the step "Print Options" during the GET A QUOTE process.


      We remind you however that you can always add one or more color changes even after you have placed your order. You will be required to pay the supplement directly to the graphic designer that follows your order.

    • Special colors

      In step “Printing options” you can select a special processing or color.


      Selection is not mandatory if you want to print your logo in standard colors (ex. white, red, black, blue, green, yellow, gray, etc.)


      The choice of special colors involves a small supplement based on the selected technique, quantity and type of product.


      We also remind you that the selection of special colors or some of them is not always available. The system in fact automatically enables or disables the various options based on the product, its composition and the quantity selected.




      - The customization with FOIL or with HIGH DENSITY is selectable from a minimum of 20 pieces.

      - The customization with CORROSION is not available for polyester or organic cotton products.


      For each side to customize select one of the options indicated:



      - FOIL

      - PANTONE




      - PUFF


      - GLITTER


      To learn more about special colors you can view a photo gallery directly from customization techniques by clicking here.

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