Treated brands

    • Fruit of The Loom

      Fruit of the Loom is one of the most famous clothing brands in the world.


      A brand that the world knows, loves and trusts. A company with over 160 years of experience and a long history of producing high-quality fabrics.


      Over 30 years ago, we were one of the first major brands to enter the European Imprint industry and today we are still a leader in promotional, workwear and leisurewear clothing quality.


      Explore "The World of Fruit of the Loom"; you'll have more reasons to make us your number one choice for promotional clothing






      As further proof of our commitment to respect the highest ethical standards, we adhere to the WRAP Code of Conduct.


      WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) is the world's largest factory certification program. Supported by the global apparel industry, it is totally independent.

      WRAP certification is intended to ensure that production is carried out in accordance with applicable legal, human and ethical regulations in all countries around the world.


      In order to obtain certification for all our factories and those of our suppliers, we must undergo regular audits and comply with the 12 WRAP principles, which cover various aspects including workplace regulations, child labor, working hours, health and safety, discrimination and security.


      This certification proves that you can trust our company: Fruit of the Loom operates in compliance with the highest ethical and environmental standards.

    • JHK

      JHK was founded in 2002, after 20 years of experience in the textile/promotional sector, thanks to the entrepreneur spirit of a small starting group and the dream to build their own brand.


      Initially the distribution was at national level, and then it expands continuously and progressively in other European countries.


      We are a young and dynamic company with the same experience of a big one in this industry and the only one in Spain that has such wide stock of basic clothing.





      2005 certificate of BKMEA (Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association) shows that JHK factory does not use children’s labor force and all international standards for the working environment are respected.


    • Russel

      Russell is a brand that benefits a long history and tradition in the production of quality clothing.


      Many of our products, as you know, were produced under the brand name Jerzees and continue to exist under the name Russell but with the same attention to the style, final use and comfort.


      With the expansion of the product range, in particular with the launch of the prestigious Russell Collection 2004, we have decided to collect all products under the unique label Russell which is globally well-known.


      If you recognize products such as Jerzees or Russell, you know you're dealing with the best range of promotional clothing you can ever choose from.


    • B&C Collection

      Founded in 1997 and located in the Brabant Wallon (south of Brussels), the Cotton Group is a European leader in promotional clothing, development and marketing under thebrand B&C with a collection of T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, polar batteries, shirts and jackets designed to be printed or embroidered.


      The Cotton Group has reached a huge rate of over € 77k in 2007 and it employs 111 people in Europe and Asia.


      The Cotton Group is perceived as a very strong player.


      In April 2007 the group was sold to KWINTET, a Nordic group based in Sweden.


    • Gildan

      Gildan was born in 1984 in Canada initially as a manufacturer of all kinds of fabrics. It has specialized in 100% cotton T-shirts packaging and afterwards it has launched the brand.


      In a few years it becomes a leader in basic clothing production ideal for screen printing.


      Over the years it has acquired several companies and today it counts about 33,000 employees worldwide.


      Over the past decade, Gildan has implemented initiatives to reduce or eliminate potential negative effects of structures on the environment. To confirm its point of view in 1994 Gildan became the first manufacturer of wholesale active wear that obtain Oeko-tex standard 100 certification which includes a set of safety standards within the textile industry.





      Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production (WRAP)



      Also, Gildan adheres to the WRAP Conduct.


      WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) is the world's largest factory certification program. Supported by the global apparel industry, it is fully independent.

      WRAP certification is intended to ensure that production is carried out in accordance with applicable legal, human and ethical regulations in all countries around the world.


      In order to obtain certification for all our factories and those of our suppliers, we must undergo regular audits and comply with the 12 WRAP principles, which cover various aspects including workplace regulations, child labor, working hours, health and safety, discrimination and security. 

    • SG Clothing

      SG Clothing has a range of primary styles with harmonious colors and consistent assortment and an ethic respectful of mostly all men/woman/children products.


      The brand philosophy ensures to make Customer’s life easier in every way, from the choice of the product to the price and support services. SG group has more than a century of combined industry experience which does not reach 40 years of existence.


      This combined competence ensures that each product in the SG range has been designed to represent the best quality/price ratio, and even more important is that it was designed thinking of decoration and graphic customization.





      SG is a company in possession of WRAP CERTIFICATION.


      (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) WRAP, is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing around the world through certification and education. The WRAP certification program mainly focuses on the apparel, footwear and sewn products sectors. The production facilities receive a certification from 6 month to 1 year based on 12 WRAP principles compliance.


      Institutional website:



    • Sol's

      SOL'S is a European leader and fine-expert of the promotional textile industry.


      Founded in 1991, SOL'S has become the French leader in the promotional clothing industry and an important influencer in Europe.


      SOL'S was the first one to understand that the creation of products for the advertising market must be based on the production of suits that can satisfy a vast range of tastes and tendencies.


      SOL'S is known for being the first one in style, creativeness, innovation and this fact certainty gives its products all characteristics that add value to the brand.


      Its collection is suitable and adaptable for all types of events and Customers.


      One of the strengths of the brand is its ability to produce "TWIN" products that are proper for men and women.

    • Stedman

      As a successful and rapidly developing brand Stedman has been a manufacturer of high quality promotional and advertising clothing for 12 years: T-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts in all main colors for men, women and children with very interesting prices.


      Regular visibility and very high quality make Stedman an ideal brand for promotional clothing.

      Obviously, all the collection has a WRAP and Oeko-tex standard 100 Certifications that’s why free of harmful substances.


    • Continental Clothing

      Continental Clothing is the flagship of basic promotional clothing. It stands out for the attention devoted to the cut and fabrics that identify it clearly from the rest of the manufacturers.


      Their goal has always been and will continue to be the creation of high quality garments expertly designed for fashion, music, corporate promotions and athletics.


      In recent years the brand has launched the Heartpositive collection, made with 100% organic fabrics and in 2009 they won first prize as the world's best organic clothing textile and eco-sustainable manufacturer.


    • Stanley & Stella

      Stanley & Stella is a fashion-conscious brand, which has created original models with a particular attention to details. With cuts and colors perfectly in line with the latest trends, our innovative creations are the natural choice of those who are more attentive to what they wear. Coordinated series of articles for men, women, teenagers and children make sure that everyone can have the same look.


      Stanley & Stella stands for uncompromising quality in every aspect, from the range of style, models, fabrics and colors up to their realization and decoration. Quality comes from a careful attention to details in every aspect of every stage of production.



      We have created a Stanley & Stella section in the product catalog that can be viewed from this link:


    • James Ross

      The James Ross Collection offers a refined range of professional and promotional clothing.


      The use of the best technical fabrics and scrupulous attention to details allow James Ross models to reach high quality standards and to offer the maximum comfort to professionals who wears them.


      Refined beauty combined with the search of maximum functionality makes James Ross trademark among the most appreciated in the promotional industry.

    • Roly

      Roly uses certified raw materials and has a meticulous production control that allows to provide only the highest quality products.


      This Company has developed all its activities with strict respect for the environment and human rights.


    • MyDay

      Myday is the brand of freestylers, of those who do not believe in common places and of those who love to wear their own ideas.


      Myday is synonymous of initiative, autonomy and originality: a complete range that allows the wearer to convey their uniqueness and desire to grow.


    • Siggi

      Siggi Group produces professional clothing, children's clothing, medical devices and personal protective equipment.


      The strengths of the products are suitability for use; compliance with mandatory safety standards; product durability over time; comfort and wearability; high quality standards. These characteristics, combined with innovation and continuous research, identify the uniqueness of the products of Siggi Group.


      It differences its products through brands that distinguish them, for example:


      - Siggi WORKWEAR: line dedicated to clothing for the world of industry, food, crafts and services


      - Siggi HORECA: line of professional apparel specifically designed for the hotel industry and the beauty sector


      - Siggi Dr. BLUE: line that dresses the professional medical world


      - Siggi HAPPY SCHOOL: line of aprons for the school sector


      - ZACCARIA: line dedicated to professional clothing for institutions and companies in the health sector


      - BARBARA COLLECTIONS: line of professional garments specifically designed for hairdressers, beauty and wellness centers


      - RED4LIFE: high visibility technical clothing line for emergency operators


      - FERRACIN: line for police officers, municipal utilities, public administrations and service providers in general.


      Siggi Group is also a consolidated partner since the first edition of the most popular culinary talent show on television, MASTERCHEF. With this collection, aprons, as well as chef's uniform branded MasterChef Italia by Siggi, will finally be available to all fans of cooking and television broadcasting!


      The only original MasterChef Italia products are exclusively distributed by Siggi Group Spa.

    • James & Nicholson

      James & Nicholson offers a wide range of clothing, T-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts in more than 30 colors in cotton or cotton blend; the collection ranges from casual work and leisurewear to sportswear for almost all sports.


      Safety clothing according to professional agreements EN471, as well as the most functional workwear lead to the perfect choice.


      In addition, J&N supplies many items in special sizes for men and women, including oversize up to 5XL.


      As for children, James &Nicholson offers a product line that is more than flexible. Independently of summer or winter, you can find the right product for any type of event or season.


    • Myrtle Beach

      Myrtle Beach is the leading European brand for hats.


      Our accessories and hats are active and varied as well as life. As Europe's leading hat brand, Myrtle Beach offers cutting-edge and stylistically perfect products for strong performance. The offer is complemented by the spa collection.


      Whether for running, skating or walking in the city, Myrtle Beach offers carefully designed and functional hats for all tastes. Our promotional clothing is characterized by high quality materials, trendy styles and fashionable colors. We have set a great story of excellent workmanship and functionality.


    • Karlowsky

      The Karlowsky Company has a tradition of more than 120 years. In 1892 August Karlowsky founded the family business with the idea of selling haberdashery and fashion. This idea gave rise to the premium brand of workwear, which today, as in the past, convinces with quality, know-how and innovation. High quality workwear, this is what makes the Karlowsky Fashion brand special. With 120 years of experience, the traditional company from Magdeburg sets trends in the world of workwear.


      The wide range of products convinces with items that are not only standing out in their cut, multitude of colors and quality, but also impress with their individual design and details. These meets both the expectations of the target group in terms of fashion and the buyer's budget planning.


      Whether it's the basic range for beginners, premium clothing or the Rock Chef collection, Karlowsky Fashion products are the perfect companions for your daily work.


    • Zeus sport

      Zeus Sport has a wide range of products; its catalog makes use of over 500 items available in various colors and sizes.


      Each product is the result of an in-depth study that focuses on:


      - The search for more and more innovative fabrics thanks to which the athlete, professional or not, has the opportunity to perform physical activity in extreme comfort.


      - The accuracy of the smallest details, which satisfies both the aesthetic side and functionality of the product.


      Every year new articles are added because of the increasingly high requirements of every single sport.


      That's why in recent years new lines have been introduced, to allow Zeus Sport to be present 360° in the sport industry in all its forms.

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