Customization techniques


      According to the article, the quantity and the selected object, the printing of 1 to 7 colors and the four-color printing can be performed with the following techniques: silk-screen printing - pad printing - silk-screen transfer - direct digital - digital pad printing - digital transfer - UV printing. 
      The choice of the customization technique is made by the production personnel and is exclusively linked to obtaining the best result based on the product chosen, with the exception of screen printing which is however carried out starting from at least 10 pieces.



      If you have a particular preference, please report it in advance to your order or to confirm the graphic design, our sales and technical department will analyze your request and evaluate the production feasibility and any additional costs.

      We remind you that you will have the opportunity to make a prototype with an additional cost. To learn more  click here .

    • Screen printing

      Screen printing is the most widespread customization technique in the world, both for the fashion sector and for the promotional, sports and work sectors.


      Used to personalize T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, tank tops, fleece, shirts, trousers, shorts, etc. The most economical printing technique ever for large runs, extremely appreciated also for the final result of colors and resistance to washing.

    • Digital printing

      Direct digital printing is the ideal printing technique for reproducing photos or in general of motifs with different shades of colors and shades.


      The advantages of this customization technique are the possibility to print small quantities and to maintain the colors of the original file. 
      The customization is carried out directly on the fabric with non-toxic and water-resistant inks based on water. 
      With direct printing, the use of thermo-weldable films is avoided, which create thickness and make the garment rigid where applied.


      MAXIMUM PRINTING AREA: 32cm X 45cm

    • Flex

      Flex printing is a customization technique in which the motif is cut out of colored films and then heat-welded onto the desired product. (T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, shirts, etc)

      The print colors are bright, glow slightly and have a high contrast. 
      You can select this printing technique to customize patterns, logos, designs that do not exceed 2 colors.

      Attention: You will not have to select the flex item if you want to reproduce images with nuances or photographs.

    • Flock

      Flock printing is a printing technique similar to  Flex printing , the motif is cut from  colored films  and heat-sealed on the desired product.

      The only difference with the FLEX technique customization is represented in the composition of the films.

      The flock is in fact relatively thick (0.5 mm, or 1 mm), the motif appears slightly raised and to the touch has the softness of a thin layer of plush; based on the thickness of the latter the effect is more or less evident.

    • Foil

      Metal foils are very suitable for the fashion industry. Thanks to their reflective effect, they will add value to your garment.

      The color chart that can be used is vast and includes 52 color tones.


      Printing procedure.

      This customization technique is a combination of silk-screen printing and thermo-welding.

      The ultra-thin laminated films are fixed at about 170 ° on your article after serigraphically applying a special glue to the fabric.

      The result is very similar to the print with flex but the consistency to the touch is much softer.


    • Rhinestone

      This customization technique is a useful tool to enhance and make unique your garment.


      The rhinestones make it possible to greatly enrich the value of the garment and for this reason there is the possibility of choosing between different types, colors and sizes. 

      You can see the different STRASS color charts directly by clicking here .

    • Embroidery

      Embroidery is an extremely qualitative and prestigious personalization technique, used in all sectors and especially in the sector of professional and fashion clothing.

      The type of customization has an extremely long-lasting resistance to washing and does not entail 
      particular precautions either for washing or ironing. 
      It is not possible to reproduce complex photographs and images in general and we reserve the right to first view your file to verify its feasibility or to suggest the best solution.

      It is preferably recommended to embroider on products where the weight of the fabric is equal to or 
      greater than 165gr / sqm.


      Standard formats for embroidery in CLOTHING. 
      The system calculates the estimate on an embroidery of the standard size of an A7 format (7.5cm X 10cm). 
      However, you can choose other formats in the printing options step.

      Available formats are:

      - A7  (7.5cm X 10cm)
      - A6 (10cm x 15cm) 
      - A5 (15cm x 20cm) 
      - A4 (21cm x 29.7cm) 
      Depending on the size of the embroidery, our system will automatically calculate the cost.


      Standard formats for embroidery in GADGETS
      The system calculates the estimate for an embroidery of the standard dimensions of an A7 format (7.5cm X 10cm) and does not affect the price calculation the quantity of colors to be reproduced. (Max. 12 colors) 
      In the gadgets regarding the price calculation our system does not offer the possibility of calculating the supplement for a higher embroidery format.

      Depending on the support, the file and the type of gadget to customize, you can request a quote directly to our sales department who will be happy to inform you of the feasibility and supplement. We remind you that you can make a maximum embroidery  up to 35cm x38cm. 

    • Corrosion

      Corrosion is an exclusive customization technique that guarantees a soft print to the touch and / or with a vintage effect.

      The corrosion effect is obtained with the use of chemical products that locally whiten the background color of the fabric (without formaldehyde) .

      This process makes it possible to avoid the base white on dark items, the latter being used in screen printing to provide coverage and to bring out the colors printed later.


      Please note that this technique can only be performed on 100% cotton garments. 
      Corrosion can also be used without adding colored pigments, giving an exclusively bleaching effect to your graphics. The final result is very particular as the print is imperceptible to the touch and the cotton takes on a natural color (the color of natural cotton is creamy white). 

      You can select this printing technique in the customization step in the SPECIAL PRINT COLORS section.

    • High Density

      Thick printing is a personalization technique ideal for enhancing details.

      It is made by screen printing using special frames that are used to deposit a quantity of ink that makes the print with a thickness ranging from 0.1 to 3 mm. 
      The print to the touch appears to be slightly in relief compared to the fabric.

      Attention: it is not possible to carry out the thick print for the reproduction of images or graphics with shades.

    • Glitter

      Glitter printing is a customization technique useful for giving brilliance and creating light effects to your logo, graphics or design.

      The glitter exists in different shades and sizes, thus creating various eye-catching and luminous visual effects. The glitter color chart is available directly by clicking here.

      Like all special effects, we recommend using glitter to highlight details or portions of your design, graphic or logo.

    • Gold/Silver

      The GOLD and SILVER print can be made on all our products and it is possible to obtain different finishes of gold and silver.

      Silver and gold are available: opaque, shiny and glittered. (Click here to see the color chart)

      This option must be selected in the customization step as "special colors".


      After ordering it will be possible to choose the desired color tone.


    • Puff

      The swollen print is a special effect that is obtained by adding additives to the classic colors.


      After drying the printed color tends to rise and make the graphic slightly rounded, with a swollen effect.


      Ideal for printing on sweatshirts or materials with a weight equal to or greater than 180gr / sqm.

    • Pantone

      Printing with PANTONE colors is useful only when you want to reproduce a specific and pre-defined color.

      This type of printing is aimed, for example, at those companies that, for the purpose of corporate image, have the interest in reproducing their own brand with very specific shades.

      By specifying a PANTONE color you will have a print that will match the desired color to 99% and in this way you will be able to avoid the different interpretations of the same shade. 
      To be precise, we ask that the Pantone color be specified in the Solid Coated system. 
      Please note, however, that the colors may vary slightly depending on the type of support, material and the color of the same.

    • Fluorescent

      Printing with FLUO colors is useful when you want to reproduce a fluorescent color of your choice from those available in the color chart that you can view here.


      By specifying a FLUO color from the color chart available on our website, you will ensure a color of sure visual impact. 
      Please note, however, that the colors may vary slightly depending on the type of support, material and the color of the same.

      The same Fluo color in fact printed on two different fabrics could be slightly different, just as the same print on dark garments or white garments will give a slightly different correspondence. We therefore recommend using only garments of the same type or color and with the same graphic.

    • Sublimation

      Sublimation is a customization technique used to print both fabrics and objects.


      It is used above all for the personalization of technical and sports clothing as the print does not alter the skin's ability to breathe and at the same time is imperceptible  to the touch.

      Sublimation cannot be applied to all types of fabric. The garment to be customized must contain at least  40% of polyester in order to be suitable for sublimation printing.

      You can use white fabrics in polyester , elastam and microfibre .

    • Pad printing


      The  tampon printing  or  tampo print   is an indirect printing process, which allows to reproduce, in a simple way and with high fidelity and resolution, drawings, writings and decorations on both flat surfaces of concave surfaces, convex or otherwise irregular. Used in the personalization of gadgets such as cups , pens , glasses , pencils , ashtrays , watches and so much more; this customization technique guarantees a long-lasting print. The maximum printing surface varies according to the machine, the pad used and the type of gadget to be printed. Depending on the type of article to be printed, the appropriate ink is used to guarantee seal and scratch resistance.

    • Engraving

      Pubblicarrello also offers the laser engraving service on metal gadgets. 
      This customization uses a beam of coherent radiation that digs the surface of the metal, imprinting the graphic pattern in a precise and resistant manner. 
      The laser beam penetrates the surface and removes it, causing a depression in the area. Since the heated material reacts to the ambient air, in the engraving areas there is often also produced a discoloration which makes the marking even more evident. 
      Thanks to the physical characteristics of the laser it is possible to reach a very high definition level, this guarantees a faithful reproduction of small images and characters. 
      The engraving will give your gadgets a very elegant and pleasant visual effect.

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