Purchasing process

    • Step 1 - Quantity

      The step quantity is the first step to make a quote or an order through our innovative platform. 
      This step is of fundamental importance because it decisively influences the final cost of the selected product.

      Our system, unlike others, in fact calculates the price in real time and without any registration based on the quantity of the products chosen, whether it is neutral goods (ie without printing) or customized goods.

      You can also select a single product both for the purchase of neutral goods and for the purchase of personalized goods. 
      We remind you that our system also manages the grouping of different products with the same printing / graphic subject (see Printing group ).

      By grouping different products with a single graphic, you will get a price calculated on the total of the selected products (eg. 20 Men's T-shirt + 30 Women's Sweatshirts + 10 Men's Shirts + 40 Children's Shirts); in this way the system will calculate the price of the individual products in the 100-piece price range.

      To be able to see how to create a printing group and place the order by taking advantage of the lowest price by grouping your products with a single printing subject, you can click here. 
      Printing Groups are applicable exclusively for products: MEN clothing, WOMAN clothing, BIMBO clothing, WORK clothing, SPORT clothing and hats; both for the purchase of personalized goods and for purchases of neutral goods (ie without personalization).


      By simulating orders or quotations you will realize that there are minimum quantity thresholds that significantly lower the unit price.

      Both for customized goods and for NEUTRAL (without printing) the ideal quantity for a favorable price is the 100 piece range.

      Beyond this range the brackets with the best discounts are the 500 and the 1,000 pieces. 
      If, on the other hand, you need to buy a few pieces we suggest you reach at least the 10 piece threshold.

      These suggestions are valid for products: men's clothing, women's clothing, children's clothing, workwear, sportswear and hats.

      Useful tools:
      In the product detail of each item you can quickly see the price in relation to the quantities both for neutral goods (without printing) and for the customized product.

      In this way you can instantly evaluate the ideal quantity with the best cost / quantity ratio.

    • Step 2 – Sizes and Colors

      The "sizes and colors" Step is the next step in choosing the quantity of the product you selected.

      The grid shows all the colors on the left and the sizes or sizes available for that product in the upper part. 
      The system automatically recognizes the quantity you entered in the previous step and as you proceed with the subdivision it will inform you how many pieces you still need to distribute on the grid.

      This will make it easier for you to calculate the remaining pieces.

      You cannot change the quantities in this step, so if you have entered 100 pieces in the "quantity" Step, the choice of sizes and colors must respect this quantity.

      To make changes you can simply return to the previous Step directly from the top menu or you can change quantities and colors directly in the cart.

      When quoting in the "sizes and colors" step, you can safely also set indicative values ​​as this data does not affect the price calculation.

      Instead if you intend to place an order, the selection must be made correctly, in any case it will always be possible to change sizes and colors even in the "cart" or subsequently to the order directly by contacting us via email or by telephone.

      99% of our products have no minimum or multiple constraints, this means that you are free to easily choose colors and sizes without restrictions (eg 3 S Blue - 5 M Black - 21 XL Red) and so on; the same principle is also valid in gadgets.

      For some products, on the other hand, it will be necessary to respect the minimum and multiple indicated by the manufacturer, in the event that a product with these constraints is recognized, it will promptly notify you with a message in the step. SIZES AND COLORS. (in the product gallery and in the detail of each item the minimum quantity and the relative multiple to be respected is indicated)

      If not indicated, it will not be necessary to select minimums or multiples.


      A tip not to mistake the selection of sizes:
      Always check both in the CART and in the order summary that you will receive by email the sizes and colors you previously chose. 
      If you realize you have typed the wrong quantity or you have selected a different color or simply want to make changes to your order, contact us immediately and have your order number ready.

      In some cases these changes based on availability and stock of origin, may have the cost of returning goods as well as leading to a delay in delivery of the goods.

      To view the costs for changing your order or for exchanging goods, you can also see:

      modification or cancellation of the order


      A tip not to miss the choice of color:
      the colors represented in the product gallery, in the product detail and inside the Step SIZES AND COLORS are purely indicative even if created based on the actual color of the item following the standards dictated by the mother house.

      Quality, resolution and above all monitor settings can affect the display of the chosen color, so be very careful before placing an order, especially if large.

      To avoid mistakes, we suggest that you first refer to the name of the color and then, if you are not entirely convinced of the choice, you can make a comparison with our fabric color chart available for some clothing brands and can be consulted by clicking here . (Fruit of the Loom -Jhk - b & c - Gildan - American Apparel - Sg - etc).

      Alternatively, we recommend that you order one or more neutral samples (without printing) to evaluate the bathroom color of the item you have chosen. 
      Color cards are not available for GADGETS and HATS.

    • Step 3 – Printing options

      This Step allows you to quickly and easily choose the type of customization for the previously selected product.

      There are many personalization techniques that can be selected to make your product unique and exclusive.

      The system calculates the cost in real time based on the selection made.

      Now let's analyze the various items in the Print Options Step.

      The first option must be selected only if you wish to proceed with the purchase of neutral goods (ie without printing)

      In this case, the system will automatically uncheck all the various customization options and automatically calculate the cost of the item only without customization. 
      This option is useful for those wishing to view only the item before proceeding with the order, therefore in the case of the purchase of one or more samples; or in the event that it needs to have the neutral product for other purposes and / or processing.

      By clicking on the NEXT button your item will be automatically inserted into the cart without any customization.

      If you want to proceed with the customization of your product, proceed as follows:
      From here you can select the type of customization you want to carry out on the front of the chosen item eg. t-shirt - shirt - polo - sweatshirt - etc.)

      You will find FRONTE - RETRO - LEFT - RIGHT in all the products related to personalized clothing. 
      In GADGETS, you may find other descriptions that help you to better identify the side to be customized (eg SIDE 1 - SIDE 2 - SIDE 3 - SIDE 4 or CASE - CLIP - DRUM - etc.)


      The system automatically recognizes the selected product and enables:
      - print positions (FRONT - REAR - LEFT - RIGHT)

      - types of customization (AVAILABLE COLORS, CUSTOMIZATION TECHNIQUES, etc)

      - print formats (eg A4, A3 etc.)

      - special colors (eg metal sheets, thickness, rhinestones, etc.)

      - color changes (eg 1 color change, 2 color changes etc.)


      This operation is performed because not all items can be customized in the same way. For example, if you select a SLEEVED BATTERIES the only possible customization techniques will be 1-color printing and EMBROIDERY while all the other customization options you will find disabled. In the same way you will find disabled the RIGHT SLEEVE, LEFT SLEEVE print position.

      Another useful example could be the choice of an article in nylon or polyester. In this case you will find fewer print colors available or you will not be able to customize with special effects and colors.

      In this Step you will then need to select the type of printing or customization you want to make based on the colors in your design / logo / graphic. 
      If you are not sure how many colors your logo / design / graphic is composed of, or if you want advice on the type of customization to select in this step, you can call our technical department for a fast and totally free consultation.

      When an option is not visible it means that the product is not compatible with that type of customization or the minimum quantity to enable that type of printing has not been reached.

      The options that can be selected in the products:

      1 color 
      2 colors 
      3 colors 
      4 colors 
      5 colors 
      6 colors 
      7 colors 
      Four- color 
      Flex 1 color 
      Flex 2 colors 
      Flock 1 color 
      Flock 2 colors 
      Direct digital printing

      In GADGETS, colors from 1 to 6, four-color, digital printing, embroidery, transfer, laser engraving, doming, etc. will be enabled.

      To learn more about the difference between the various types of customization, you can visit the Customization Techniques section by  clicking here.



      According to the article, the quantity and the selected object, the printing of 1 to 7 colors and the four-color printing can be performed with the following techniques: silk-screen printing - pad printing - silk-screen transfer - direct digital - digital pad printing - digital transfer - UV printing. 
      The choice of the customization technique is made by the production personnel and is exclusively linked to obtaining the best result based on the product chosen, with the exception of screen printing which is however carried out starting from at least 10 pieces.



      If you have a particular preference, please report it in advance to your order or to confirm the graphic design, our sales and technical department will analyze your request and evaluate the production feasibility and any additional costs.

      We remind you that you will have the opportunity to make a prototype with an additional cost. To learn more click here .


      In embroidery and digital printing the number of colors in your graphic / design / logo does not affect the price, so a 1-color logo will have the same price as a 7-color or four-color logo.


      The system automatically recognizes the article and the customization technique previously selected enabling the various print formats available for that particular product. 
      The print size is selected by default by the system in the smallest available format which is however the one included in the starting price.

      You will then be able to choose a larger format, but remember that this will involve a small fee based on the quantity and type of item selected.

      We specify that if your graphic is smaller than the selected format, this will not lead to any price change.

      If you have chosen to print a short sleeve t-shirt with 5 colors on the front and have left the A4 print size (ie 21x29.7cm) by default, with this choice you are not obliged to use all the format available, the important is that the design / logo / graphic is in A4 format.

      In fact, the print can be positioned and proportioned as desired on the selected item, taking into account the maximum printing area which in this case is A4.

      The price will not change if your graphic layout is smaller than the A4 format (eg print 10cm X 10cm on the heart side, etc.)

      In all clothing products, generally the available sizes are:
      - up to A4 format (21cm x 29.7cm) 
      - up to A3 format (29.7cm x 42cm) 
      - up to A3 + size. (33cm x 45.7cm )

      In some cases and based on the customization technique, the formats will also be visible:
      - up to A7 format (7.4cm x 10.5cm) 
      - up to A6 format (10.5 x 14.8cm) - up to A5 format (14.8cm x 21cm) 
      - up to 12cm x 12cm 
      - up to 7cm x 35cm format

      In other cases you can also find:
      - custom format

      To learn more about the various print formats and how the system interprets them, you can click here.


      In this part of the print options you can select a special feature or color. 
      Selection is not compulsory if you want to print your logo with standard colors (eg WHITE, RED, BLACK, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, GRAY, ETC). In fact, by default the system selects "None".

      If you leave NONE selected, your logo will be printed with the normal standard colors, but at any time before production you can still upgrade to insert a special color or process. 
      The choice of special colors involves a small surcharge based on the chosen technique, the quantity, the type of product selected and the print format.

      We also remind you that the selection of special colors or some of them is not always available, in fact the system automatically enables or not the various options based on the product, its composition and the quantity selected.


      - (eg. The personalization with METALLIC LAMINS or with THICKNESS PRINTING can be selected with a minimum of 20 pieces.) 
      - (eg. The personalization with CORROSION is not available for products in polyester or organic cotton and it is anyway selectable starting from from a minimum quantity of 10 pieces.)

      Then select for each side to be customized one of the options indicated:
      - STRASS 
      - PANTONE 
      - THICKNESS 
      - FLUO 
      - CORROSION 
      - GOLD / SILVER 
      - GLITTER

      To learn more about SPECIAL COLORS you can view a photo gallery directly from the CUSTOMIZATION TECHNICAL link by clicking here.


      The color change is useful if your writing or parts of it should change color depending on the color of the garment chosen, to make it visible or to your liking.

      Let's say we need to print the logo with the red brackets and the white writing on black sweatshirts and white sweatshirts.

      In this case the logo will be perfectly visible on the black sweatshirts, while on the white sweatshirts we will have to opt for a COLOR CHANGE.

      For example, we could print the writing in black instead of white instead keeping the brackets red.

      This solution will make the logo visible on both fleece tops.


      If our choice was also to buy RED FLEECE, in this case the COLOR CHANGES would be 2, because even the square brackets of the LOGO would not be visible and therefore we will have the need to print them with another color of choice.

      We remind you that every COLOR CHANGE involves a small supplement that is calculated on the single product based on the article and the selected quantity. 
      To know more about it, but above all to see a photo gallery, you can view the COLOR CHANGE link by clicking here.

    • Step 4 – Optional

      In the products related to clothing for men, women, children, work, sport and hats and accessories 
      , during the step of calculating the quote in Step 4 it is possible to select a series of options to make your product unique.

      In fact, our company allows you to package your garment in a professional manner starting from just one piece.

      Step 4 is divided into two sections:
      - Optional 
      - Promotional options



      The options are a series of solutions that serve to complete your product in a unique and professional way. 
      In this Step you can choose the type of custom label , the fold and insert, the tag or the  all-inclusive package that contains the previous choices in a single product.

      I remind you that the selection of one or more packaging options will affect the cost of each individual 
      product based on the type of item and the quantity previously selected. To view a photo gallery and to learn more about the packaging options click here.

      In addition to packaging, you can choose the shipping carton in which to receive the goods. 
      By default the selection is set on the and does not involve any additional cost.

      If, on the other hand, you need to send directly to one of your customers, or if you do not want to disclose the origin of the goods, you can select NEUTRAL CARDBOARD. Neutral carton is free of logos and public headers.

      To see a photo gallery of shipping packages or to learn more, click here.





      The promotional options are instead a series of products that can be added to the order to promote your brand or your event with a coordinated image.


      You will be able to choose whether to insert personalized stickers, whether to package your product with a packaging, if you want one or more self-supporting exhibitors or simply add personalized paper bags with the same logo / design / graphic as the previously chosen products.


      I remind you that the cart, you will have the opportunity to always change the quantity or eliminate promotional options.

      The price varies depending on the product and the quantity selected.


      To learn more, you can click here.

    • Step 5: Upload

      In this Step you will have to upload the graphic files for each side to be customized or for each added option.


      Based on what you have selected in Steps 3 and 4, the system will make available the uploading of the necessary files for printing. 
      If, for example, you have chosen to print 100 5-color shirts on the front, 2 colors on the right sleeve and you have also added the custom label, the system will automatically request you to upload at STEP 5 "upload":

      - FRONT FILE

      - RIGHT FILE

      - LABEL FILE

      You can also upload more than one file and in different formats (eg JPG - PDF - EPS - PSD) so that the graphic designer who will take care of your order, can evaluate the best; the important thing is that they are all contained in a single compressed folder (ZIP - RAR). 
      In fact, the system does not allow multiple uploads of multiple files.

      Ex. In FRONT FILE you can only insert a compressed file or folder. 
      If you are unable to upload all the files during the upload process, you can load them even partially.

      The remaining files you can send to us or by following the instructions we will provide you with via e-mail or through the upload system of our site.

      I remind you that the uploaded files will be used by the graphic designer who will follow your order to create a free graphic draft based on the indications entered in the NOTES field relating to the uploaded file. 
      The graphic draft will then follow your indications on the print format, positioning and colors to be used if they are not evident in the file sent.

      Example: if you have sent a PDF file where your design / logo / graphic is black, but you want it printed in GREEN, this must be reported in the NOTES field or subsequently to the order by email, putting the reference number of your d number. 'order.

      You will then receive a draft that you will need to confirm or on which you can ask to make changes. 
      Only after your written confirmation via email will the goods be sent to production. 

      To learn more about the creation of the graphic design click here.

    • Cart

      The cart will display all the products chosen during the calculation phase.


      The trolley has been designed to give the user the possibility to interact dynamically to modify, view and delete any product.

      We remind you that the calculation of the price on each product is generated based on the total quantity of the single PRINT GROUP.


      Let's analyze together the various items present in the CART.



      The TOTAL INVOICE is always displayed at the top right, that is the total cost including VAT, supplements and transports that you will pay after confirming the order.



      This drop-down menu allows the selection of the SHIPPING COUNTRY, that is the country in which the goods must be sent.

      Depending on the selection, shipping, payment methods or additional costs related to shipping or customs duties may be enabled or disabled.



      Under the DELIVERY DATE the day on which the goods will be delivered is clearly indicated.

      You will also have alternative delivery dates available using EXPRESS SERVICES.

      EXPRESS SERVICES guarantee delivery even in 3 days and have an additional cost calculated based on the selected delivery date.

      The prices indicated are always VAT excluded.

      The dates indicated are valid for most of the selected national territory; deliveries to the islands or to some more remote areas could be delayed by 2 or more working days.

      In order for the delivery dates shown on the cart to be respected, it is necessary that:


      - the order must be placed by 17.00 (from Monday to Friday)

      - the files are attached together with the order or sent within 6.00 pm of the day following the order

      - payment is made by 6.30 pm on the day of the order


      Any delays in confirming the order, payment or sending the files could lead to a postponement of the delivery date.


      To learn more about EXPRESS SERVICES you can click here.




      In this part of the cart you can choose how to pay the order.


      There are two payment methods available:


      - Option 1

      - 30% advance on the order and 70% on delivery upon receipt of the goods


      - Option 2

      - 100% advance to the order


      To avoid any type of commission, we advise you to pay 100% in advance.

      In this way you will avoid the expenses related to the cash-on rights that are calculated on the amount to be paid to the express courier. (generally + 3%)


      To learn more, you can visit the section on payment methods by clicking here.




      After selecting the payment methods, you can also select the payment method.

      Our company accepts the following methods:


      - Option 1

      - wire transfer


      - Option 2

      - credit card (VISA - MASTERCAD)


      - Option 3

      - paypal


      By paying by bank transfer you will not have any additional costs, while if you select payment by credit card or paypal, the system will calculate a commission of 3% of the value of the transaction (no commission for consumer customers)

      To learn more about payment methods click here.




      Allows you to print out everything you see in the cart.




      It allows you to send via e-mail a PDF containing all the products included in the cart.



      Now let's analyze the contents of the cart.


      PRESS GROUP 1 (2,3,4,5, etc.)

      The system groups the products in the shopping cart in PRINTING GROUPS if it is personalized goods, while if inside the cart there are some non-personalized products you will see groups called MERCE SENZA PRESS.


      The printing units are containers of products with the same customization and allow to optimize the cost as the system will calculate the price on the total quantity of the products with the same graphic / design / logo, considerably reducing the final price.



      20 men's t-shirts + 20 hooded sweatshirts + 50 women's t-shirts + 10 children's polo shirts, the system will calculate the price of each item in the 100-piece range (to learn more, click here  )


      By clicking on the word PRINTING GROUP you can also change the description, which is useful when there are several print groups within a single order.

      This way you can quickly associate the graphics to be printed with that GROUP.



      you can rename the PRINTING GROUP 1 in "Clothing STAFF", in this way you will immediately identify, both in the cart and during the application phase of the printing groups, the printing subject for the products with the graphic inherent to the clothing that will go for your STAFF.


      If you want to modify the entire PRINT GROUP you must click on the corresponding pencil icon and positioned on the right side.

      If you want to delete the entire PRINT GROUP you must instead click on the corresponding red "X" and positioned on the right side next to it.


      To learn how to create press groups  click here.




      In each printing group the writing SEE DETAILS is also visible.

      By clicking on this writing the system will display the type of customization associated with that printing group.

      Type of customization, optional and packaging.




      Inside the printing group, for each product inserted, you will see the word SEE SIZES AND COLORS, clicking on this link will open the grid for the choice of sizes and colors that you can change both in quantity and in the choice of sizes.




      At the end of all the products in the final part of the cart, there will be a summary of the shipping costs and the various supplements.




      By clicking on this button, you will go to the page relating to the insertion of billing and shipping data.



      By clicking the following button, you will be able to continue to add items to your cart.



      By clicking on this button all the products in the cart will be deleted.

      This operation is irreversible.

    • Step 7: Data entry

      In this STEP you will need to correctly enter the data relating to the invoicing of the goods and those relating to the shipment.

      You can enter notes based on your needs in both the billing field and the shipping field.

      After filling in the details, you can click on PAY NOW to confirm your order.

      After this operation, if you have chosen a credit card or paypal as payment method, you will be redirected to the bank's website with SSL or Paypal secure protection.

      Here in total security, you will need to enter your card or paypal account information.

      In the event that your choice was to pay by bank transfer, an order confirmation window will appear telling you that within a few minutes you will receive an e-mail with the order summary and bank details to be able to make the payment. 
      If you do not receive the email within a few minutes, please contact us immediately. 
      We remind you that the order is only executed upon receipt of payment.


      In order for the delivery dates indicated on the cart to be respected it is necessary that:

      • The order and payment are made by 6:00 pm
      • The files are sent by 6.00 pm on the day following the order
      • The graphic draft is approved within 24 hours of its receipt

      Any delays in confirming the graphic design, sending the files necessary for personalization or payment could lead to a delay in delivery times.


      The delivery of personalized goods takes place regularly within the established times but may be delayed depending on the origin, availability and type of customization.

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